#16 -Another Stand Up Again


Having just noted that the lesson from the previous date was:

Finally learning that identifying as a stand up comedian does not correlate to compatible humour or ability to engage in conversation with any substance.

I went on a date with someone studying comedy at uni. The course is a BA(hons). Really. He was closer to 7ft than 6ft. Genuinely. I’m 5ft2 and he greeted me by kissing me on the forehead. I don’t see myself as a particularly short person but I actually felt a little patronised by this harmless gesture. I shouldn’t have but I did. It was all a bit odd but sitting down it was far more comfortable as the height difference diminished. I was fascinated by his uni course and was partial to the idea of spending time stealing bits of his education for myself. It mostly seemed to be about personal discipline and ensuring new material was written regularly.

I got very hungry so suggested we move out of the pub to be fed. Whilst chatting over dinner, conversation went a little political and I shared my opinions on discrimination and gender roles in current society. He told me that had he felt prejudice as a middle class white male in the south of England. Drop me out. He claimed that he got a job he’d just been rejected from by telling the employer he was a gay guy rather than the heterosexual he is. Rather than pursue gender equality, his priority was rescuing white middle class men: the second class citizens. Hard to fancy that.

Lesson from #16:
No more stand ups


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