#10 -Neanderthal Sway

This is one of the more embarrassing entries. #10 was a a fairly vivacious character who turned up late in a stained t shirt and baggy shorts. Each to their own but I personally find a bit of cleanliness, even effort, is a fairly attractive quality when it comes to first impressions. Call me shallow. Short, again, and walked with a slight neanderthal sway. His phone rang mid way through our coffee. I told him he was totally free to answer it, and I mean it. I’m not one to say these things just to seem overly polite. Unless it’s something important that requires urgent attention I’m of the impression you answer it and fairly quickly apologise to the caller, explain you’ve got company and arrange a time to ring back later. However, he then proceeded to have a generic chit chat on the phone at the table with me including all the pleasantries he’d just about managed to exchange with me. I headed off to meet a friend for an exercise class we had booked after he made a somewhat unexpected move. It was exciting and I got carried away by agreeing to a second date. Before meeting for the second time I had dinner with a couple of good friends I hadn’t seen in a while. The three of us walked into town together and had a drink at the pub #10 and I had arranged to meet at. He arrived and since I was enjoying the company of my friends I just got him to join us. He saw us at the other end of the garden and when he clocked my friends he looked as though he might just turn back. I called him over and he tentatively sat down. He was amusingly awkward. A couple of pints later (he was on soft drinks as he was driving) we headed off leaving my lovely friends in the pub garden. He was driving me home when he steered the conversation down a rather sordid route and my tipsy self reciprocated. We made a detour to his house… and I got a little too carried away.

I thought the slight prominence around his chest and the amount he mentioned his exercise activities, would indicate a fairly muscular physique. Wrong. He got incredibly sweaty too. I’m haunted by the beads of sweat threateningly dangling over my face. I was glad when it was over and I ghosted him immediately. I checked my phone when I was home and my friends from the pub had text to say they weren’t terribly approving. They were right. I just wish I had taken a leaf from his book and checked my phone sooner.

Lesson from #10
Don’t rush and my friends are always right


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